Monday, November 23, 2009

He's Batman

Here's a storyboard sample I whipped up tonight. Not sure if the hand in the 2nd panel is too big. I was trying to exaggerate the perspective but I thing the frame might be too wide to do it as much as I did. Any thoughts? (Click on the image to see larger)


Tim DeMoor said...

Hey, that storyboard looks really good!

As for the hand, a piece of advice Darwyn Cooke gave me at a convention concerning that very same type of exaggerated perspective was, for the hand to be as big as you've drawn it, it would probably have to be closer to the body and be pointed more toward the "camera." I hope I'm explaining that correctly. Because you drew his arm at such an angle, his hand would have to be HUGE normally to look that big. Believe me, I get this wrong all the time, and yours looks much better than any of the examples I showed him (here is one of my screw-ups that I showed him:

I hope this helps some, and the art itself looks great!

Josh Taback said...

Thanks Tim. I changed the hand a bit for the final. Up on my portfolio. I shrank it a bit but not too much because I still wanted it big to force the dramatic perspective a bit.